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I came to Christine over a year ago during a very difficult time in my life. Physically and emotionally I was completely off balance and I was searching for ground. She very quickly helped me find this, through her beautiful blend of Acupuncture and Acu-coaching; talking through things before the "needle" portion of the treatment.

I remember my very first session and the way I felt afterward. Stronger, lighter, sharper, and for once in a few years...on my right path.

The words I put down here really could never describe the ways in which Christine has helped me. Her positive perspective on life continues to remind me to always keep the glass half full. I hear her words in my head when I am feeling down or in a negative mind frame "What evidence do you have to support that?" she would ask or "It could just as easily be the more positive outcome, why not put your thoughts there?" and with these phrases, I reset myself. Each week I visit with Christine I feel more grounded, balanced, energized, clear-headed and full of positive intentions. I am so grateful to have Christine as my acupuncturist; she is not only an amazing healer and a light giver, but she is also a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you Christine!

Much love XO Nicole



I have received treatment from Christine for over 15 years and I have the highest respect for her skills, knowledge, compassion and intuition. Christine has an amazing ability to listen and discover the source of your ailment: from physical complaints to deeper emotional issues or life challenges, Christine's diagnoses are always spot-on. Her knowledge of the body and of both acupuncture and Chinese medicine is impressive; she is passionate about health and healing and is constantly educating herself. This allows her to help on many different levels and connect the physical and spiritual parts of her patients for maximal healing and growth. I’m always impressed with how Christine observes that my physical complaints connect to a spiritual or emotional roadblock that I am experiencing. Her care and recommendations are so helpful in healing my body and spirit and I trust her implicitly.




I've been working with Christine for almost 15 years. (that alone is a testimonial)

She listens attentively and formulates a treatment plan taking into consideration both the physical and emotional aspects of the current issue.

She developed a working alliance with me so that trust was established and I am free to ask questions and get answers. If she doesn't know an answer, she will investigate and get back to me. She involves me in the decision of what to treat and explains how she is thinking about it. She is extremely skilled in the insertion of acupuncture needles and has never created anxiety or hurt me.

She is highly educated in the workings of the body and knows how to apply the system of acupuncture to any aspect of the body's functioning. She will engage in conversation and give an explanation of what she is doing in treating me, at the level that I indicate interest in.

As a result of these years of acupuncture treatments I believe that my immune system has been kept in excellent condition and my health has been maintained at a very high level. And in the event that I develop a serious health problem, I know Christine will work with me to treat and to find solutions to that problem.




Initially I sought out acupuncture services approx. 4+ years ago due to a stressful professional life that required extensive traveling resulting in considerable difficulty getting adequate sleep. I was not interested in taking medication as a sleep aid as I had had untoward reactions to sleep medication in the past.

I am a healthcare professional that has worked for many years in the traditional medical field. However, I have always been interested in alternative approaches to healthcare so thought I would give acupuncture a try.

I received a referral from my work colleague to Christine Sotmary. In addition to providing preventative health support, Christine has provided coaching on lifestyle and health, addressed and resolved a number of health issues that have presented over the past few years - from sinus infections, chest infections, muscle aches/pains, as well as addressed my lack of sleep. I have increased energy and my overall feeling of wellbeing has improved significantly.

I now consider acupuncture a part of my health intervention and maintenance program. Thank you Christine.’

If you want an improved sense of wellbeing and overall improvement in quality of life/health I highly recommend you try adding acupuncture to your health intervention and maintenance program.

Monica D.



I find that the art of acupuncture is a therapeutic bridge between western medicine and a holistic approach to healthy living. Acupuncture can conceivably create a clearer thought process in evaluating, addressing, and mitigating health concerns.

It allows me to recognize and explore pre-existing conditions that are brought to the surface.

I believe there needs to be a definite connection between the acupuncturist and the client in order for an honest flow of dialogue to ensue. This has successfully happened in my case. Therefore, acupuncture has resulted in the healing process of both physical ailments, as well as emotional traumas. As a result, it has evolved to be my personal therapy of mind, body, and soul.




I had only received acupuncture once about 18 years ago for my sinuses, before I started seeing Christine and I remember the treatment only dealt with trying to relieve the symptoms directly related to my nose. I’ve been struggling with Crohn’s Disease very intensely for the past year after being diagnosed and have tried different doctors, medications, and diets to help ease my symptoms to no avail. I returned to acupuncture in search of finding some sort of balance in my very unbalanced system. Christine not only works with the symptoms you physically feel, but her knowledge also allows you to dig and find the emotional components to your ailments, which ultimately leads to a greater healing. As a personal trainer, athlete, and actor I have always been aware that everything in one’s body is connected, however, Christine has opened my eyes to that on a deeper level. She has shown me that symptoms are not just related to the specific site at which they are occurring, rather they are connected to your entire body and your entire being.

Pain (both emotional and physical) had been locked in my body in different places, which then manifested physically – the treatments we did helped unblock various parts of my body to allow all of the energy to flow, which then led to a higher level of balance.

For instance, I have been having issues with digestion, but had not thought about the emotional aspects of my life that I was having trouble digesting: being diagnosed with a disease, getting engaged, the recent death of a relative. Christine’s treatment attended to what I was physically feeling but also helped me to uncover the emotional aspects that were contributing to my symptoms, bringing me to a much healthier state of being.


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