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Classical Acupuncture

This early form of Acupuncture is based on the classical literature of the Qin and Han Dynasties from 200 BCE to 200 ADE. Because it is focused on freeing the energy that is blocked in the body, it has become a popular, yet proven system of healing. Acupuncture gently allows the body to better recover from injuries and other health issues without medication and side effects. Using acupuncture as a way to maintain vitality and flexibility involves an ongoing commitment to the process. Short-term treatment plans are available when working on your specific health goals.

Initial Consultation: 1 hour - $160. Weekly sessions are recommended for the best results.

Special Packages for Acupuncture

10 sessions for $1060

 6 sessions for $660

 3 sessions for $360

Wellness Consults and Life Coaching

Includes nutrition programs, supplementation, herbal support, goal setting, motivation and accountability

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Initial Consultation: 1/2 hour - $100

Transition Lifestyle System (TLS)

Inquire about 7-day Detox

21-Day Challenge

12 week Low Glycemic Impact Programs

Trim Tea and Trim Cafe

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