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What We Do

Classical Acupuncture is a healing modality, that comes out of Chinese Medicine from nearly 2000 years ago, which allows us to mend quickly and get back to what we love to do. That may be dancing or other physical challenges that require a fit, energized body. For some of us it's just a matter of finding enough energy to get through the day.

Just as a body may not be as flexible as it once was, our minds often get stuck in a repetitive rut. Life Coaching is a client centered way of being guided  towards organizing our thoughts and motivating us to take action. With the help of a coach we can more easily get on track and stay there to accomplish our goals and reach our dreams.

With Functional Nutrition, which helps the body systems function optimally, we'll find the extra energy we need to reach our goals, manage our weight, and combat the stresses of life.

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